Imperial Riding Shiny Snake highneck sadeloimi 0g, 145cm & 155cm

Imperial Riding Shiny Snake 600D highneck mallinen sadeloimi, värinä vihreä käärmekuosi ja tummansiniset yksityiskohdat.

Loimessa on selän alueella tekninen quick dry vuorikangas, muualla sileä vuori.

Koot :  145cm, 155cm 

This functional 0 grams outdoor blanket in an attractive design by Imperial Riding, with a perfect fit. This light and robust blanket offers your horse protection from cold, humidity, and insects - and it looks great all the while! Secure support and great wearing comfort are a guarantee with this withers cushion, 3-way adjustable double chest fastening with carabiner-style clasp, leg straps, a re-inforced kick pleat and the protective tail rubber strip. On the left side here is a super sparkling Imperial Riding logo. Warm, dry, comfortable, and stylish - a high-quality all-round item! Quick dry lining.

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84,90 €